Niger Delta Militants Demand Sacking Of Prof. Dokubo

A coalition of Niger Delta militants have demanded the sacking of the Cordinator of the Presidential Amnesty Programme, Prof. Charles Dokubo, over alleged corrupt practices.

They also called for the sacking of the Head of Integration, PAP, Chief A. Brown.

The militants, which comprises the Creek Lords and nine other militant groups, made the call through a statement via electronic mail on Tuesday.

In the statement signed by ‘Colonel’ Derick Peter and Amas August, the agitators threatened that if Dokubo and Brown were not sacked by the Federal Government, they would not hesitate to suspend their ceasefire declaration and go back to the trenches.

The coalition vowed to commence a massive protest in Abuja and the Niger Delta region in order to force the removal of the amnesty boss and his alleged cohorts from office.

They alleged that the activities of Dokubo, who took over as Coordinator of the programme following the removal of Brig-Gen. Paul Boro (retd.) had been observed to be worse, claiming that he had turned the Amnesty office into his ‘personal milking cow’ contrary to the expectations of President Muhammadu Buhari.

The militants said, “It has come to our notice that against laid down rules governing the Amnesty programme, the coordinator has grossly flouted those rules thereby reflecting a high sense of inefficiency, incompetency and confusion in the operations of the scheme.

“One of his front companies, Sonatrust Nigeria Limited, owned by one of his stooges, is being used as one of many others to siphon money under the guise of contracting companies with special consideration for jobs.

“In an era where the programme is challenged with cash crunch, when payment is made to the programme, Dokubo facilitates the payment of his fronts (Sonatrust and others) to the detriment of genuine contractors.

“Names of hundreds of beneficiaries of the programme have been swapped for strange and fictitious names which are brought to Dokubo by leaders of the programme for him to change which is done at will on the condition of getting kickbacks from the payment of these fake names which has become a random and recurring decimal under the current administration.”

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