Nigerian Politicians Have No Shame — Moghalu   

Raymond Ozoji, Awka
Former presidential candidate of the Young Progressive Party (YPP) in the 2019 general election Prof. Kingsley Chinedu Moghalu has described Nigerian politicians as a set of characters without shame and self-worth.
Moghalu said that the country is the way it is because politicians no longer have recourse for morality and accountability thereby resulting in maladministration,  syphoning of public money through conduit pipes and leaving Nigerians in abject penury, poverty and squalor.
These were some of the salient issues he raised while delivering his keynote speech at an event organised by a political pressure group known as ‘Kwechiri Na Oganiru Anambra’ tagged “Anambra: The Quest For Excellence In Governance” held at ASUU NAU Secretariat Awka.
Moghalu said Nigeria is not doing well because he believes that the indices of good governance viz accountability, transparency, inclusiveness, effectiveness and efficiency are apparently non-existent in the governance of the nation.
Although he said there is hope for the country, he maintained that the hope depends on Nigerians to elect a government that will not just win an election but can also govern the country.
He said Nigeria has a governance problem which he observed are remote causes of insecurity, high rate of poverty, increasing inflation rate as well as a host of other anomalies which he believes are responsible for the gross ineffectiveness of the incumbent federal government.
He also explained that democracy can not work if millions of Nigerians themselves do not take responsibility for the outcome of elections. That Nigerians only vote for political parties and not individuals, noting that democracy can be more meaningful in the country when citizens begin to vote for individuals based on their pedigree and track records.
Moghalu however pointed out that the only solution to Nigeria’s problem is for the people to hold government accountable and that the best place to hold government accountable apart from protests and petitions is at the polls.
The ex-YPP presidential candidate said it is barely 18 months away to the 2023 general election and there is a dire need for Nigerians to resolve that they have had enough of the nonsense going on. He also added that Nigerian democracy is a government of politicians, by politicians and for politicians only, describing such as a corruption of democracy.
Also, the Anambra-South coordinator of Kwechiri Na Oganiru Anambra, Mr. Uzodimma Enzo Nzeribe, corroborated what Prof. Moghalu said, saying that the need for good governance, justice and fairness in the administration of the country can not be underestimated.
Nzeribe noted that Nigerian citizens have been relegated to the background for too long; that it is time they took their destiny in their own hands by changing the existing change in the 2023 general elections.
He however emphasized that history will be fair to the Willie Obiano administration in Anambra state for having built an airport and other legacy projects to boost the economy of the state even as he also pointed out that there is need for further improvements on the governance of the state.

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