Nigerians In Diaspora To Raise $500k For #EndSARS Victims Relief Project

Nigerians in diaspora on the platform of the Global Coalition for Security and Democracy in Nigeria (GCSDN) has launched a project to raise $500,000 to fully support victims of the EndSARS protest who were allegedly attacked by government sponsored thugs and security agencies in October 2020.
During a broadcast published on YouTube (, the Global Coordinator of the Coalition, Frederick Odorige, stated that, “if your family member was killed, shot or injured  during the protest, we are here to tell you that you are not alone.
“You cannot be abandoned. Nigeria belongs to each and every one of us. We must refuse to be intimidated, embarrassed or harassed. Nobody owns Nigeria more that Nigerians. We did not escort anybody to Nigeria.”
Odorige added, “We have equal rights. Please let us come together in honour to humanity. Let us buy prosthesis for those that were amputated from the gun shots of uniformed sufferers sent to attack their co-sufferers. Let us buy electric wheel chairs for those whose legs were condemned. Let us pay and refund their hospital bills. Let us give support to families who buried loved ones. Many of them are still in pain.
“Let us set up businesses for those that have become physically incapacitated. Let us have annual memorial programs organized to commemorate the black Tuesday of 10th October, 2020. Let us begin psychosocial counselling for those in trauma.
“We have received and verified videos and requests for support from victims. We have also started dishing out support within our limited resources and we call on all verifiable EndSARS victims to get in touch with us. The struggle for a new and better Nigeria has just begun.
“For every money you spend, in our honour, we shall render public account. For every money you spend you shall be lifting voices to stand up for justice. We need healing. We must refuse to endure autocratic governance where the rights of the people are forcefully taken at gun point by the same persons who begged us to vote for them during elections.
“We did not know that this will be the outcome of the so-called change they promised. A committee made up of nine persons has been set up to manage the fund which shall be transparently disbursed and reported. Victims shall be verified and monitored all through their healing period. We humbly request that you partner with us in this project. We refuse to continue like this and the victims must not be abandoned.
“Please donate through the GoFundMe account ( You could donate through PayPal and Zelle via You could also donate directly into our bank account in the US. For any donation you send, please mark it with a message #EndSARS Victims.
“We know that government sponsored hoodlums razed public and private property across the country in order to delegitimize the well meaning activities of protesters who did not only protest police brutality, but kindly called for the improvement of police welfare.
“Every form of protest in Nigeria is now met with violent attack by the police, aggressive arrest, unlawful detention and baseless prosecution that end up with millions of naira being paid to government teleguided courts, for bail. We must all resist institutionalized investments in fear. Meanwhile, murderous terrorists are being officially integrated with tax payer’s money without prosecution and without an enabling law.
“Terrorists that constitutes national and international risk. Monies borrowed or received as grants from the World Bank, International Monetary Funds, African Development bank, the Chinese government, and other sources, are now being mismanaged and channeled into the integration of so-called repentant terrorists who continue to kill and kidnap Nigerians and foreigners for ransom. Such monies are spent on the promotion of police and army brutality and the gross abuse of the rights of Nigerians.
“As long as international institutions and countries continue to lend money to oil-rich Nigeria, thereby contributing to our mounting debt profile, with little or nothing on ground to show for it, they are directly sponsoring terrorism, corruption, police and army brutality, and the abuse of the rights of Nigerians. Protest is a human right and no one must be arrested or killed for exercising their rights to freedom of speech and assembly.”

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