“Operation Artistic”: Arts Meet Soludo Solution @ Igbo-Ukwu

…as SPF inaugurates Igbo-Ukwu chapter

By Christian Aburime

As the Soludo Promoters Forum (SPF) moves into the wards in the local government areas of Anambra state, Igbo-Ukwu, the ancient town and famous archaeological site where vast array of artifacts dating back to the early 19th century were discovered, will play host to the Soludo Promoters Forum Facilitators and elites come Saturday, November 28, 2020 at the residence of Sir Chukwudi Illoh in Ihuakaba, Ezihu Igbo-Ukwu by 12 noon prompt.

The Coordinator of the event, Chief Amaechi C. Umeh, has assured all sons and daughters of Igbo-Ukwu including invited guests that the formal inauguration of Soludo Promoters Forum in the ancient town is symbolic as it signals the beginning of greater things that will happen to the town in the nearest future.

Chief Umeh reiterated that the town of Igbo-Ukwu is particularly significant and symbolic because it is noted for the famous three archaeological sites, where excavations have found bronze artifacts showcasing the highly sophisticated bronze metal-working culture of the people dating back to the 19th century before other known bronzes from that part of the country.

“No doubt, the symbolic and historic unveiling of SPF in Igbo-Ukwu can be described as a situation where “Arts meet Solution,” Chief Umeh stressed

“Igbo-Ukwu represents ‘arts’, and indeed it has put the ancient town on the world map as one great tourist sites, while the SPF represents ‘Solution’. The coming together of ‘Arts and Solution’ will further deepen the artistic value of Igbo-Ukwu by making the town a valuable tourist asset to the state within the Prof Soludo’s envisioned Anambra smart mega city and the nation in general,” Chief Umeh further asserted

The host, Sir Chukwudi Illoh, said the event has been code-named “Operation Artistic” because of the artistic value Igbo-Ukwu represents, adding that to ensure a memorable and hitch-free event everything necessary to achieve that purpose has been put in place.

“We assure our invited guests of a memorable and hitch-free event as everything necessary to achieve that purpose has been adequately provided to ensure a successful outing come Saturday 28th November 2020,” he stated.

Other Promoters/Facilitators expected to also grace the event include Mr Joe Anatune, Chief Strategist/National Coordinator of the Forum; Barrister Leo Chiegboka, Mr Andy Okafor, Nze Eze-Omenyiliora Osuokwu, Mr Arinze Okamelu, Prof Romanus Ezeokonkwo, Prof Okey Ikeanyibe, Dr Charles Udeogu, Arch Amobi Nwafor and many others.

It will be recalled that the Soludo Promoters Forum has previously been launched successfully in other local government areas in Anambra state, such as Aguata, Anaocha, Idemili north and South and Orumba north and south respectively.

In the coming days, the Forum will be strategically moving into all the various wards in the state to sensitize and enlist elites’ active participation in democratic processes and engagements in Anambra state.

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