Order Military To Release Your Credentials, Nigerians Tell Buhari

Nigerians have asked President Muhammadu Buhari to order the Secretary of the Military Board to release his certificates to the Independent National Electoral Commission.

INEC had on Thursday published a list of over 70 candidates, who are participating in the 2019 presidential elections and their credentials.

However, Buhari failed to attach necessary documents to his presidential bid sent to INEC by his party, the All Progressives Congress, insisting that they were in the custody of the military.

In the affidavit which he swore to, Buhari said, “I am the above-named person and the deponent of this affidavit herein. All my academic qualification documents as filled in my Presidential form, APC/001/2015 are currently with the Secretary of the Military Board as of the time of this affidavit.”

See some of the reactions:


Asking Buhari who can’t find his WAEC, even as the Commander in Chief of Nigerian Armed Forces, to look for solution to Nigerians and Nigeria problems is asking for too much.

ThankGod Ukachukwu@kcnaija

Buhari orders activation of the economy.
Buhari Orders Clampdown On Illegal Security Outfits.
Buhari Orders APC to Capture Kwara
Buhari orders payment of N22.68b to ex-Airways workers.
President Buhari, order the military board to forward your WAEC certicate to INEC!

Ayeesha Musa@AyeeshaMusa1

How did we get here Nigeria?

How did we get this point where @MBuhari was elected @NGRPresident without a WAEC result, in a country who’s total population’s literacy level is at 59.6% (male: 69.2%, female: 49.7% as at January 20, 2018)?
How did we get here Nigeria?

Integrity demands that you write to military authorities asking them to forward your credentials to INEC

Even @MBuhari followers are not prepared to accept NEPA Bill for WAEC in 2019

So, Mr President, Wey your certificate?

Adeyanju Deji @adeyanjudeji

May be we should all protest next week in-front of the Military headquarters to beg Buratai to release Buhari’s non existent WAEC certificate to him.

This country don tire me mehn.


Imagine being educated up to PHD level but you’re defending someone that didn’t write WAEC online. LOL I’d rather just keep quiet and vote. It’s shameful


For the second time the President of the most populous country in Africa fails to submit his WAEC certificate.

Dear @MBuhari, if you can’t produce your WAEC certificate don’t bother contesting in 2019.

Don’t stop Retweeting till @inecnigeria disqualifies him. pic.twitter.com/A3rLExWDLO


Replying to @AbangMercy

This thing Buhari is doing and walking away with- one day we will all see it in much clearer terms- if INEC is demanding for WAEC, why can’t Buhari approach WAEC for a reissue ? Why does he keep telling that BS story about the military? It is the silliest narrative ever out there

Saarbrücken, Germany

Oke Umurhohwo@Stalyf

INEC has received 70 presidential candidates names. 69 of them have submitted their credentials too.

The odd one is Buhari, who says his credentials are with the military

Same old story?

Dear @MBuhari, kindly submit your WAEC certificate to @inecnigeria. Stop giving excuses

Femi Fani-Kayode


Once again Buhari has refused to submit his WAEC certificate to INEC. Once again he says that it is with the military authorities.

Even though he has been Commander in Chief for the last few years he has been unable to retrieve them.

May God save Nigeria from this man.

EDWARD Israel-Ayide


Buhari does not have WAEC certificate. Simple. And more than that, his knowledge of basic things is suspect.


Listen..if you are a graduate and you know that you have even your WAEC cert and u are still supporting Buhari you are a disgrace to your entire generation,..this is not party issue here or about individual but for the interest of our nation.,how long must we keep disgracing


Just imagine. Like, look at your President Buhari. Just look at. After the military that was it for him. No professional courses, no self improvement, etc. So military cannot release this controversial WAEC result abi? Why can’t he be disqualified? pic.twitter.com/8b4PB1mg2u

Your Ex@OgaPromoter

Your President doesn’t have ordinary WAEC result but he’s ruling a whole nation.

His citizens have to write & pass GCE/NECO/WAEC, UTME, Post-UTME to gain admission into the university.

But your President says he’s fighting corruption.


Buhari claims his WAEC Certificate is with the military.

Buhari is the Commander in Chief of Nigerian Armed Forces.

Somebody tell Buhari the C-in-C to release Buhari the Presidential Aspirant’s WAEC Certificate.


We are now coming to terms with the fact that President Buhari does NOT have a WAEC certificate.

The level of rot, degradation and heap of lies sold and peddled by this administration has reached grandiose proportions.

May God deliver us from APC in Jesus Name ! pic.twitter.com/DDI4t3K23B

Jackson Ude@jacksonpbn

If Buhari has no certificate to submit to INEC, other Presidential Candidates should also not submit credentials to INEC. Employers should stop demanding for certificates from job seekers. It should become illegal to ask for WAEC or academic qualifications from job seekers!


U need 5yrs experience n a second class upper to gain employment and earn 100k
Millions are struggling to earn up to 50k

But @MBuhari who didn’t visit a university in his life n who can’t produce his waec certificate wants to rule Nigeria again

We are the fools here. All of us pic.twitter.com/biPUK3VL7c



Buharist tell ur booboo to release is waec result. no be only him be army obasonjo 2 na army. Abi any company fit Employ u without ur result. If u are preaching corruption then change should start with u.

King Sola@Solar_unique

Lmao. Wailers who are unlooking the NYSC certificate forgery “case” of Hon. Rasak Atunwa, PDP guber candidate in Kwara State are asking for the WAEC result of Buhari,

someone who rose to the rank of the General in the army. Is everything okay at home?



This same old story Sir…For Eff sake what is the meaning of this..Are you not Buratai’s boss again..CinC for that matter..
Another option was..
You could have just bought WAEC form and Sat for this thing since 1985 when IBB sent you back to Daura.

Source: The Punch

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