Philanthropy: Soludo’s Style And Footprints

Joe Anatune

For Prof Chukwuma Soludo, opportunistic philanthropy is a no go area.

He finds the open display of such vain-glorious kindness demeaning of the recipients. On the other hand, he helps his fellow beings improve their status in life silently and quietly without eroding their dignities or self esteems.

From his early days, he has always given back to society without using such as a ploy for hugging the limelights.

He has been consistent in his approach and style in lifting others with his time, talent and resources.

He focuses on teaching people how to fish but also gives fish when necessary. This is the essential Soludo.

This is his style and covenant with his Maker.

I have watched him spend enormous amount of his time offering advice to parents and their children on how to grapple with and overcome the challenges of life often using himself as a case study.

His public perception as a thinker and an exceptional doer defines this characterisation, but If truth must be told, Soludo ranks among the frontline philanthropists in Anambra State, something he detests advertising and something many do not know.

He will rather relish you with how he deploys public policies to make life better.

Let me take the liberty to outline a few of his social investment interventions and demyisfy this largely unknown aspect of his life.

– He has been sponsoring thousands of students to various levels of academic attainments driven by the belief that building a great society requires first building great men and women.

– He has turned Amoji Primary school into a model primary school from a lowly public primary school which parents and guardians in Isuofia and environs seek as foundational education.

He has been making huge investments in uniforms, payment of salaries of first rate teachers and procurement of top grade ICT hard and softwares since he adopted the school.

– He is building a big specialist hospital that will reverse medical tourism and more importantly, help in tackling the disease burden in Nigeria and Africa.

– He has built over 4 kilometers access roads within his community .

-He has been assisting widows and the vunerable members of his community with micro credits to set up businesses and put food on their tables.

There are many more like giving back to religious bodies, building houses for the poor and elderly etc which he tells you is between him and God and which he will not squeal no matter how hard you press.

Happily, Anambra has come to grips that opportunistic philanthropies do not advance our society in the long run.

Their earlier and overwhelmeing clamour for Soludo to step out and run for governor and continue the amazing works Governor Obiano is doing is predicated on his excellent records of public service.

And unknown to many, his social investments record even if it is between him and God is excellent too.

So, paraphrasing HRH Igwe Moghalu of Isuofia, love Soludo or hate him, you can’t but acknowledge his footprints in matters of uplifting others to be able to put food on their tables.

*Joe C Anatune wrote from Awa in Anambra state.

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