Political Agitations Crippled Nigeria’s Economy — LPN 

Raymond Ozoji, Awka

The leadership of Legacy Party of Nigeria (LPN), has promised to provide enabling ground that will enhance implementation of restructuring when it emerges victorious in the 2019 presidential election.

It attributed restructuring as one of the viable solutions to end ethnic and political agitations, which for the past years had crippled the economy of Nigeria.

This was stated during a meeting of the leadership of the party, at its state Secretariat Awka on Wednesday.

The meting was heavily attended by representatives of every state in South East.

Addressing newsmen, the South East Coordinator of LPN,  Pastor Anthony Okonkwo, said the party founded by Alhaji Babangida in 2017, had consolidated its structure in all the states in Nigeria.

Okonkwo stressed that it was formed to inject indelible solutions to the problems of Nigeria and give a new economic dimension that would add values to Nigerian currency.

He urged Igbos to embrace the party as the only political platform that would ensure emancipation.

He said,  “Igbos have lost a lot. We need to rebuild our value system. LPN is the only party that has Igbos mandate.”

The Abia state Coordinator, Chief Chikodili Frank Igbo recalled that over 4000 meaningful individuals across Nigeria defected to LPN certified of its lofty ideology.

LNP Anambra State Women leader, Mrs Peace Nwammadu called on women to embrace the party, as it would ensure active participation of women in politics, offering them political equality.

Also, Anambra State Coordinator, Chief Marcel Nwaebonam and one of the stakeholders in the party, Chief Ephraim Nwoye regretted that the present leadership of Nigeria had failed to protect the general interest of the people.

They bemoaned that masses had been denied their dividends of democracy, and assured the people that LNP would be the only solution to the problems of Nigeria.

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    And its most come to pass,the day’s of padi padi government,the same people that are ruling us since the second dispensation of our democracy are still their,planning on how to still continue on there selfish intrest,thank God for the born of LPN,the party that have the need of at heart,a party that has come to leave a LEGACY for our unborn children,LEGACY PARTY OF NIGERIA,LEGALITY PROSPERITY AND NATIONALITY,LOVE THE PEOPLE OF OF NIGERIA

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