Politicians As Cheap Commodities And The Futile Battle For The Minds Of Anambra Voters By Their Abuja Based Buyer

By Joe Anatune

They are unbranded, undifferentiated and command little imagery or appeal. They are on the shelves in the streets of Anambra State waiting to be priced by the Abuja buyer. They use their motley crowd as bargaining chips but hardly share the booties with them.

These unethical politicians are on the gravy train as we count down to November 6, 2021 Anambra Governorship Election. They are having a ball or so to speak, but they have unwittingly sold their integrity as they have become laughing stocks in the State.

A booming market exists for them to be purchased to create the illusion that the buyer has clout in the political space in Anambra State and more important, as smokescreen to cover some unethical designs.

The sellers are motivated by greed and unbridled ambitions but as the con artists they are, they play to the gallery by deploying hackneyed deception tactics to pull wool over the eyes of Ndi Anambra. They manufacture childish and silly justifications for their actions; ranging from how their existing political platforms had been unfair to them, how a non-existent cabal is monopolising power and the trash of connecting the State to the centre. They seek to portray themselves as the victims that have been holding the scrappy end of the stick, hoping in the process, to gain the sympathy of the public, but they fail to tell the people what they already know; that they are con artists and cheap, unbranded commodities that can be purchased and dispensed with or what in popular parlance is referred to as rolling stones that gather no moss.

The buyer, who is despised, hated and can’t be touched ten poles away by the Anambra voters, figures wrongly that money can buy the love and support of the people. However, the people are unfazed, uninterested in their sophistry and committed to returning a party that has been with them through thick and thin in the past 16 years, marked by two recessions and a devastating global pandemic and notwithstanding the foregoing, has continued to deliver the dividends of democracy.

As would be expected, the renegades have positioned themselves well to be bought and the buyer is prancing around the State, buying at various prices. Both are smart alecs.

Now, for the prize money, the sellers will be displayed as justification for a plan to take the State by force and later be dispensed with, so they are raising their prices. The joke out there in the public domain is, “have you been bought and how much?” The market has become a source of comic relief to the people who have seen through the deceptive ploy of both the buyer and sellers.

We hope the buyer realises the futility of this infantile strategy and perhaps, comes to town with an alternative blueprint that will challenge the now accepted “The Soludo Solution, a People’s Manifesto for a Greater Anambra.” This is what occupies the conversations of Ndi Anambra today wherever they gather. The cravings for an Anambra where we can live happily, learn happily, work happily, invest happily and enjoy happily are so exhilarating and ennobling that not even the buyer’s whiff of money can stop this blissful journey that Soludo seeks to take Ndi Anambra on. The good news is that there is something enduring in that document for everyone.

So let’s go.

Be of good cheer!

*Joe C. Anatune writes from Awa in Anambra State.

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