Post COVID-19: Anambra Needs To Draft Soludo – Sir Chukwudi Okoli

A clarion call has gone out to all Ndi Anambra to unite and work closely together towards drafting Prof. Chukwuma Soludo as the candidate for the 2021 Anambra governorship election.

This Clarion call was made by Sir Chukwudi Okoli while addressing the ADS (Anambra Demands Soludo), Orumba stakeholders interactive session at Ndiokpalaeze, in Anambra state

“I urge that we should for once do something extraordinary for the extraordinary times as this is not time for partisan politics. I therefore propose that all political parties, citizens and organisations should unite to draft Soludo,” Sir Okoli told his audience.

Sir Okoli, who said he was not a politician and as such does not belong to any political party, declared that his clarion call was devoid of sentiment as all he wanted was for the best candidate to succeed Governor Willie Obiano amongst the several candidates who had indicated interest to contest the 2021 gubernatorial election in the state.

“As usual, we are hearing that many people are indicating interest to contest the Anambra 2021 gubernatorial election, most of these candidates are bouyed, ostensibly by their perceived wealth,” Sir Okoli said.

He reminded his audience that the time and context of today’s world are different, harping on the fact that Nigeria and the global community would definitely witness a tough time after the post COVID-19 era.

He reiterated that the situation would be worst for nations such as Nigeria that solely depend on oil as its main source of foreign exchange

“The situation as it is now will be worst for nations such as ours that depend on primary commodities like oil as our main source of foreign exchange,” he said.

He further told his audience that the implication of the glooming picture ahead would be that resources would be slim for governments, businesses and individuals to function optimally unless new and ingenious ways are brought to bear in resource building and allocation.

Okoli therefore told the gathering that “this was not the time to experiment”, saying, Anambra needed a tested and proven hand with verifiable good track record in public office and the global goodwill to turn the looming economic dangers and the consequent recession into massive opportunities.

Anambra state, he said, as part of the geographical entity of Nigeria would therefore need somebody that understands the current global situation to steer the ship of the state come 2021.

“Anambra needs somebody who has a global understanding of the current economic reality, who has the knowledge and experience to turn the fortunes of the state around,” he added.

Okoli affirmed that even though he does not know Soludo closely, none of the aspirants who have so far indicated interest to contest the Anambra 2021 gubernatorial election has the intellectual or academic capacity, international exposure and network like Soludo; adding that Anambra at this critical time needs someone like Soludo who has the requisite global connections to mobilize international finance for the state development as well as create jobs for the teeming jobless youths.

Soludo, he continued, is a home boy as well as a global citizen.

According to him, Soludo has worked and consulted for more than 20 international organisations, lived in the US, UK, Ethopia and has travelled to over 45 countries in all the continents of the world.

He also reminded his audience that Soludo’s stellar achievements as governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria remains a reference point in the nation’s banking history, especially with the banking consolidation revolution he successfully pulled through, which invariably saved banks from incessant collapses and made them active players in the global arena.

Soludo banking reforms, he further said, also saved Nigeria from the adverse effects of the 2008 global financial meltdown and enabled thousands of businesses to blossom with access to borrow billions from banks and created jobs as well.

Okoli therefore called on all Ndi Anambra to shun “the politics of bread, rice and indomie (BRI), which has held the state down and consequently stalled progress”, stressing that this is the time for all political parties, citizens and organisations in Anambra state to close ranks by uniting to draft Prof Chukwuma Soludo into what he called the “Anambra Project”, saying it is the proper thing to do at this critical time and under the current global reality.

“I place it on demand that for the post COVID-19 era, Ndi Anambra should unite behind Soludo and history will remember that we stood up to be counted when it mattered most,” he concluded.

Among the high profile dignitaries who were at the ADS Orumba stakeholders gathering include Her Excellency, Mrs Ifeoma Ekwueme, Prof Obikeze, Dr G.U Nweke and many others.

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