Soludo Promoters Forum Inauguration: Musings From Igboukwu

By Joe Anatune

Igboukwu is a sprawling suburb in Aguata local government area, Anambra state, renowned for its cultural, artistic and commercial preemenience. On November 28, 2020, leading Igboukwu sons and daughters supported by their friends and well-wishers gathered at Sir Chukwudi Iloh’ s home to urge and encourage Prof. Soludo to join the race for Anambra 2021 gubernatorial race. I had the honour to lead both the national and Aguata local government executives of Soludo Promoters Forum to witness the inauguration and gleaned the following deductions in the course of the proceedings:

The enthusiasm, excitement, sentiments and emotions expressed at the event and courtesy visits to the Oji3 and women group were palpable. They tell even more than the spoken and encouraging words by all the speakers who one after the other spoke effusively about their beliefs in a better future for Anambra under a Soludo governorship. You can’t but see and feel a people committed to a good cause. A prominent Igboukwu leader Bar M.C.K. Ubah even threatened to go on hunger strike if something to the contrary happens but was quick to add that he forsees no such occurrence.

In Igboukwu, I saw hope in faces, I saw joy, pure and unalloyed joy, and I saw a people unafraid to make bold where they stand as Anambra inches to elect their next governor about one year from now.

Igboukwu seems not to have forgotten what an Isuofia son did that facilited the election of their son as governor. Dr Uzuakpunwa stepped down for Dr Ezeife to win in the said election. Igboukwu is poised to ‘retaliate’ by massively encouraging and supporting Soludo who hails from Dr Uzuapkunwa’s town. Indeed, it was clear to any onlooker that Igboukwu is totally for Soludo to square up, to pay back an old debt and more.

There is a consensus by Igboukwu elites that the potentials of their town as a cultural and commercial haven will crystallise under the Soludo’s Smart Megacity new Anambra.

Igboukwu lived up to its renowned billings as a cultural and traditional epicentre of Igboland even without a sitting king. The Oji3 – the regent clearly makes up for the void by holding the fabrics that bind the people together. This writer received a ‘wonder’ kolanut with 7 cleavages or parts which I was informed portends good tidings for the cause we are pursuing at SPF. We will come back to this some other day.

The unprecedented new culture of people in Anambra self-funding political projects they believe in was further accentuated in Igboukwu as the people self-funded the event, made further donations in cash and kind for its actualisation.

On the whole, the Igboukwu Soludo convention was quite reassuring that Anambra is on a solid march to the liveable safest, most prosperous and happiest Smart Megacity in Africa with Soludo as the Coach.

We salute and commend the organisational acumen of Nze Amaechi Umeh, Sir Chukwudi Ilo, Dr. Ik Muo and Arinze kamelu, the indomitable spirit and sagacity of Nze Basil Osuokwu, the ebullience of Bar M.C.K. Uba and the labours of the many wonderful men and women who gave their all for this very successful outing that signposted the march of the SPF to take dominance of the polling units. The Oji3 is remarkable man of wisdom, so is the highly cerebral leadership of the women who urged us to show the light and they will surely follow. We profusely thank them for being in the vanguard of a good cause.

And finally we thank God The Almighty for His Guidance and Grace. Surely, to Igboukwu, we shall return when the “come comes to become.”

  • Anatune is the National Facitator/Strategist of Soludo Promoters Forum. He writes from Awa.

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