Soludo: Uncommon Leader With Power Of “Mental Toughness” For Success

By Christian Aburime

One of the greatest attributes of a leader is the ability to exert “Mental Toughness” to succeed in any endeavour.

This is one attribute that separates Prof Chukwuma Charles Soludo from the rest of the current aspirants jostling to become the next governor of Anambra state come November 6, 2021.

The Dynamics of life in the 21 century according to Pastor Korede Komaiya requires one thing: the law of MT (Mental Toughness).

The fiery clergyman says if one is not mentally tough one cannot succeed in this age.

All through the life of Prof Charles Soludo, this law seems to have been fully exerted by him to achieve the amazing successes and accomplishments both for self and country.

Take the banking consolidation as an example:

At the beginning of the exercise, Soludo received more than 21 written death threats to his life and the lives of his family at a relatively short period at that time.

This was as a result of his unrelenting determination to ensure the banks were free from frauds and the underperforming culture that characterised the Nigeria’s financial sector then, by creating a robust governance structure.

Nigeria had never experienced a policy revolution of that magnitude until Prof Soludo came into the scene.

“The pressures were immense and intense but we had a job to do” Soludo was quoted as saying then.

Truth be told, it will take a man with strong “mental toughness” to achieve the amazing successes recorded after the banking consolidation feat.

Take again another perfect example of what mental toughness can do:

The African Finance Corporation (AFC), a pan African Multilateral Development Financial Institution was an idea created and nurtured to life by Soludo when he assumed office as the CBN Governor.

The AFC was to provide pragmatic solutions to Africa’s infrastructure deficit by bridging the investment gap through the provision of debt and equity financing, project development including technical and financial advisory services.

To many financial watchers then, it was amazing how Soludo was able to accomplish the feat of single-handedly creating, supervising and nurturing the AFC to life in a record time in 2007!

Prof Soludo indeed has shown beyond all reasonable doubts that he is not just a reliable and dependable leader, but one with the ‘mental toughness’ to take up a challenge and see it through to success!

This is the kind of leader Ndi Anambra need to consolidate on the achievements of Governor Willie Obiano as we gradually head towards the November 6, governorship election

Let every Ndi Anambra queue behind Soludo; and collectively we can take Anambra state to the zenith of development and socio-economic growth under the dynamic leadership of a man with a strong mental toughness!

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