Soludo’s Transformational Leadership Approach And The Revolution Ahead

By Christian Aburime

Anyone can follow a path, but only a leader can blaze one. Prof Chukwuma Charles Soludo, Anambra State Governor-elect, has shown beyond all reasonable doubts that he has what it takes to blaze a path often dreaded by others and stay fully on course!

John C Maxwell, a motivational writer and a leadership training expert opines that if you are a leader, a lot of people will depend on you. He listed these categories of people to include family and friends who need a leader to model them on a purpose-driven lives. Children who need leaders who can spur them on to reach their potentials. Faith based institutions like churches which need leaders to chart a moral purity as well as equip the saints. Businesses which need leaders to build great places to work while making a profit. And of course, communities which need leaders to create a better place to live, enjoy and prosper.

John C. Maxwell also identified two kinds of leaders: those who attract followers and those who attract other leaders.

Remarkably, Soludo has shown the unique qualities of combining the two leadership traits. The enormous support groups of followership he mustered during the electioneering period and the technocrats and tested professionals from different callings who formed his 80-man Transition Committee attest eloquently to this.

So the ultimate leader is one who can attract both followership and other leaders from various professional callings. This is exactly what Soludo typifies!

For Ndi Anambra, the good news is, Cee Cee Soludo is set to revolutionize and ultimately demystify governance in such a manner that it will bring about the much talked about “change” and “transformation” that will radically drive development which will impact positively on the lives of the people forever.

For the people who have been at the receiving end, this is the time to be genuinely hopeful. Soludo’s model of governance will not only bring smiles, joy and happiness, it will trigger a massive revolution in terms of good governance across the federation.

This is the transformational leadership approach that Cee Cee soludo is poised to deliver to the good people of Anambra State as we count down to March 17, 2022.

Therefore, it behoves on us collectively and individually as the ultimate beneficiary, to support fully the in-coming government of Cee Cee Soludo for that glorious future we so much yearn and desire for!

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