Southwest Directors Of Culture Meet In Ogun

Directors of Culture in all the Yoruba speaking states will meet in Abeokuta, the Capital of Ogun State, this Friday, to deliberate on the region’s coming celebration of Yoruba fashion culture and its business exposition tagged ‘IlẹKaaarọOojiire Fashion week’ slated for the last quarter of this year.

With the motto: From Farm to Fashion, the-week long activities are being organised by the Yoruba World Centre, in collaboration with the Ogun State Government, to educate, demonstrate, and expose the arts of Yoruba fashion and the hidden investment opportunities in its process to national and international publics. It is majorly tailored for youth development and women empowerment.

It is a week of history of Yoruba fashion, as packaged by Crystalline World Heritage, where demonstration will start from the planting and harvesting of cotton, the process of turning cotton into yarn (grinning), from where cloths distributors and retailers sell to the public, before it gets to dress makers for different styles.

The Ogun State Commissioner of Culture and Tourism, Mrs Motunrayo Adijat Adeleye Oladapo, who is to host the directors reiterated the importance of the programme, saying “it is one of the best ways to assist our youths and empower the womenfolk, and also to foster investment relations at regional, national and international levels.”

Speaking on behalf of the Yoruba World Centre, the Director of the project, Prince Akinwale Atepe, stated that the week is going to be carnival-like as ministries of culture in Ekiti, Lagos, Ogun, Ondo, Osun and Oyo are preparing their cultural troupes for this special event. “I have visited most of the states, met with commissioners, Permanent Secretaries and directors, we are all prepared for the meeting from where the ball will be set rolling, because it is at this meeting that a date will be picked between the end of November and early December for the programme.”

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