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The Manifesto For Nigeria’s Advance 

By Uchenna Nwankwo Preamble Why is Nigeria a tottering underdeveloped country-state even after sixty-two years of supposed independence and notwithstanding its vast production of highly educated manpower in all the facets of learning, know-how and industry? In other words, why is Nigeria degenerating into a failed state that is characterised by mammoth insecurity, corruption and slide into a state of ...

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On The Major Threats To World Peace Today

By Uchenna Nwankwo No doubt, the ongoing Russia-Ukraine faceoff and the China-Taiwan imbroglio stand out as the most challenging problems and threats to world peace today. These are problems that test international diplomacy today, especially given the fact that they constitute major sources of international tensions involving the major blocks in world affair. As Henry Kissinger (99), the erstwhile famous ...

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The Centrist Manifesto Of The New World Ideology

By Uzor Maxim Uzoatu The Centrist Manifesto by Uchenna Nwankwo; Centrist Books – An Imprint of Centrist Productions Ltd, Ikeja, Lagos; 2022; 202pp Books that change history do not come as heavy tomes. Back in 1848, the world was shaken up with the publication of The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. The battle cry across the globe ...

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