Wedding Limousine Crash Leaves 20 Dead

Twenty people were killed in a limousine crash in Schoharie County, New York, police have confirmed.

According to local media, the vehicle sped down a hill and crashed into bystanders in the rural county; however two vehicles are said to be involved.

Witnesses at the scene said several bodies could be seen on the ground.

The Times Union reports that at least two vehicles – including an SUV-style stretch limousine reported to be en route to a wedding – were involved in the crash on Saturday afternoon.

However it was unclear if the impact killed pedestrians, passengers or both.

Bridey Finegan of Schoharie lives just down the road from the scene of the crash.

She said: “I saw a lot of people here at the Apple Barrel out in the parking lot. Then I heard screaming.

“Then I saw this large van, a very unusual looking vehicle out here in Scoharie in the bushes and really wrecked, hit a tree.

“The first responders broke some windows to try to get people out. I believe the jaws of life were here on the side of one of the fire trucks,” said Finnagen.

Neighbors living close by say they heard a loud bang and came outside to see people running from the café to help.

“This is a two-vehicle, multi-fatality investigation,” said State Police Capt. Richard O’Brien.

“It’s very preliminary. In it’s infancy stages. We have several units investigating.”

The cause of the crash is still under investigation. The National Transportation Safety Board announced Sunday morning that it is sending a “go-team” to the site of the deadly crash.

Investigators worked into the night on what is likely to be the deadliest vehicle crash the region has seen in years.

The names of the victims are not being released at this time as next of kin are being notified.

The crash happened near the Apple Barrel Country Store.

The Apple Barrel posted a note on Facebook confirming it will be open Sunday, and are collecting donations for the local volunteer agencies who responded to the scene of the crash.

“We hope you will come and share your smiles, love, friendship and hugs with us. We also hope you will share your change. We will be collecting donations for our local volunteer emergency services. They are the heroes of our small community.”

Schoharie is southwest of Albany and roughly 180 miles from New York City.

(Mirror online)

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