Who Does The APGA Cap Fit?

Joe Anatune

In the past one month or so, Chinedu Nwoye has devoted sleepless nights ensuring that the date of the APGA primaries stares us in the face. Chinedu, energetic, passionate, likeable and leader of leaders by that singular action has been asking us to make hay while the sun shines.

Now, let us pull the log off Chinedu’s feet by changing the direction of public conversation with regard to this all important leadership recruitment for APGA which many eggheads say is ‘consequential.’

With few days to go, we pointedly put forth a poser and teaser – who does the APGA Cap fit? Hey, what is going on in your mind? We figure you want to tell us.

You can. This is democracy. But rest assured that we have sampled a universe which is very representative of Anambra voting population through a random stratified sampling method. Their verdict? Hold it, we will reveal in the days ahead with all the supporting pieces of evidence. You can take that verdict to the bank because it is empirical with zero error margin.

For now be on the watch out as we revert with the verdict. And be of good cheer.

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