Woman Found With Tortoise In Vagina

A woman who was found with a dead tortoise in her vagina may have been the victim of sexual assault after a night out partying, according to reports.

The British ex-pat, living on Tenerife, went to hospital after complaining about abdominal pains.

Shocked doctors discovered the dead reptile inside her and removed it.

Police on the island were told the unnamed woman may have been the victim of sexual assault, according to ABC news.

The paper reports that police opened the investigation after doctors referred the discovery to officers.

It was suspected that she could have been the victim of a sexual assault – however she did not wish for the matter to be investigated further.

It is understood Spanish National Police on the island are not pursuing the matter.

A police source said: “This incident did happen and the reports are true. The woman does not know how the reptile ended up where it did and we don’t either.”

She is said to have told police she began to feel odd after going out partying with a group of British friends a couple of days earlier, El Periodico reports.

She apparently had no idea how the reptile ended up where it did. The size of the reptile has not been revealed and some reports suggest it may have been a turtle rather than a tortoise.

Island papers – and respected Spanish dailies which have echoed the story – have named the medical centre she attended as El Mojon in the municipality of Arona in the south of the island.

Spanish daily ABC reported: “A woman of British origin went to A&E at El Mojon in Arona, Tenerife, on Saturday because she felt pain in her private parts.

“The duty doctors inspected her and saw that her discomfort was due to the fact that the woman, who lives on the island, had a dead turtle inside her vagina which had caused a serious infection.”

(Mirror online)

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