Yoruba Man Owns The Cows That Strayed Into Soyinka’s Compound — Police

The Ogun State Commissioner of Police, Edward Ajogun, has said the cows that strayed into the compound of Nobel Laureate, Prof. Wole Soyinka, are owned by a Yoruba man and not a Fulani man.

Ajogun who spoke to newsmen when he paid a visit to the compound said only three cows strayed into the compound and they were immediately driven away.

He said, “Three of the cows that the guy was driving strayed into the compound of the Nobel Laureate, not more than about 20 metres away from the entrance and they were immediately chased out.

“I also learnt that our highly revered Nobel Laureate even saw the cows heading towards the direction of his compound and of course directed that they should be chased away and they were chased away.

“The cows are owned by a gentleman by the name Kazeem Sorinola who is a Yoruba chap, and that is the joy of everything. He placed the cows in charge of a Fulani chap. So, the cows are not owned by any Fulani man, but the person in charge of the cows is a young Fulani man.

The Commissioner added, “No destruction was carried out on the compound and the act was not a willful one.”

The PUNCH reported that a close associate of Soyinka, Dr Olu Agunloye, who spoke on the incident narrated that the herdsmen did not attack the Nobel Laureate or his family members.

In a statement titled ‘Herdsmen did not attack Prof Soyinka’, the associate also said the trespassing herdsmen have been arrested by the police.

The statement partly read, “The trending story that herdsmen went to attack Prof Wole Soyinka in his house in Abeokuta is not true. Herdsmen did not break into his house. There were no attacks and no attempts to attack the Nobel Laureate.

“What happened was that herdsmen led their cattle to graze in Prof Soyinka’s unfenced compound again yesterday despite his strong warnings to the herdsmen.”

The Punch

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