Zoning: ‘Anambra Elders Council Members Are Obiano’s Puppeteers, Enemies Of Open Society’

Former All Progressives Grand Alliance Governorship Aspirant, Dr Elo Afoka, says  the Communique credited to the Anambra Elders Council stating that the 2021 Governorship seat in Anambra State has been zoned to Anambra South is not different from the counsel of Ahitophel, the notorious adviser of David who counselled David’s son, Absalom, to murder his father David so as to take over the rulership of the kingdom of Israel.

In a statement made available to NewsProbe today, Afoka said Anambra Elders Council “has shown that they lack qualifications to be regarded as Elders in Igboland by supporting thoughtless idea that only breeds bifurcation, confusion, suspicion and distrust among brothers in Igboland.”

He added, “One is not surprised because it is evidently clear from their statements that the persons in Anambra Elders Council are merely puppeteers of Chief Willie Obiano.

“Also evident, is the fact that the children of the persons in the Anambra Elders Council are living outside Nigeria for their evil counsel is far from being in the interest of the younger generation of Igbo people in Nigeria as their idea of zoning is to ensure that the gate of possibilities of a ‘youth man’ becoming the next Governor of Anambra State or elsewhere in Igboland is forever closed; for it is only in such an open, free society that the possibility of a ‘youth man’ being a Governor can be attained. Little wonder, there is no youth in Anambra Elders Council. Or was Plato a fool when he said in his work ‘Laws’ that eldership starts from 35 years old. Simply put, Anambra Elders Council want to keep keeping the older men and people of their class in power. Their age and class are the cause of the ruins in Igboland and they obviously don’t want to repent.

“The people of the age of Anambra Elders Council and their class of men are the ones representing us at the National Assembly today. The Anambra Elders Council should counsel senators and federal house of Representatives members from Anambra state on how to represent their people; for they have failed woefully considering the 22.7 billion dollar loan saga. They will not counsel them because they are men of their age or class. But, the Elders Council should be told that it is now clear to all and sundry that Igboland needs fresh men in her political space.

“Obviously, the members of Anambra Elders Council have maintained long years of affluence such that in due of lack of contact with the real reality of the human condition in Igboland & Nigeria in general, they can stand up and say nonsense. They should seek counsel from a philosopher’s statement: ‘whereof ye cannot speak, thereof thou should keep your mouth shut’.

“The persons in the Elders Council are obviously real enemies of open society for their evil counsel, easily noticeable, abhors free society. They want to deny me and others their right of being voted for as I am from Anambra Central. It is therefore clear that they are elders for their individual families not Elders of Anambra State or Igboland.

“We must therefore remind Ndi Anambra that this kind of evil arrangement enthroned the hedeonistic Governor, Chief Willie Obiano and his Americana Wannabe wife and we all are today full of regrets.

“Thanks Goodness! The counsel of Ahitophel failed and he committed suicide and died. This evil congregation & their evil arrangements will fall like pack of cards.

“As Ahitophel’s counsel was rejected by the people of Israel, Ndi Anambra will reject this evil congregation called Anambra Elders Council in 2021.

“As Ahitophel was absent on the day Nathan with the support of David anointed Solomon the next king of Israel, this evil congregation will be away from the core decisions that will determine the next Governor of Anambra State.”

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